SKE Crystal 2400 4 in 1 Pod Vape Kit (Box of 5)

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SKE Crystal 4 In 1 Box of 5 - Vapes Market Wholesale

Vapes Market Wholesale introduces a new wholesale disposable vape pod device, SKE Crystal 4 In 1 Box of 5, with advanced features and the extra advantage of buying in Bulk. Every box contains five premium-quality disposable vape pod devices that can take your vaping experience to a higher level. Whenever you purchase Bulk from Vapes Market Wholesale, you get to enjoy the product that you desire and save money in the process. So, we are offering golden opportunities to shop owners, e-commerce retailers, and passionate vapers to get discounts and the best deals when Bulk purchasing this incredible product.  

At Vapes Market Wholesale, SKE Crystal 4 In 1 bulk buy options stand out with stringent quality checks, reasonable prices and flexible ordering. With SKE Crystal 4 In 1 Box of 5, you get both quality and the best wholesale prices, enabling you to have the product worth your money. So, with Vapes Market Wholesale, enhance the delightful vaping experience easily and affordably. Therefore, be our esteemed customer and enjoy top-notch vaping with our discounts for buying in large quantities. 

With the SKE Crystal 2400 4 In 1 Wholesale option, retailers and businesses can prioritise quality and reliability and also it ensures an elite vaping experience for their customers.

Features and Highlights 

  • Puffs: Up to 600 per pod (2400 total)

  • 950 mAh battery capacity

  • 11w output

  • Mesh coil

  • 1.1Ω coil resistance

  • Pod capacity: 2 ml (8 ml overall)

  • Pod clip capacity: 4 pods

  • Type-C USB Charging


SKE Crystal 4 In 1 box of 5 is an incredible disposable vape pod product that delivers 2400 flavourful puffs. It has an in-built 950mAh battery that is rechargeable with a type-C USB cable. This vape device is slightly bulkier than other devices but still compact enough to fit into the pocket or purse easily. Additionally, this device has a durable and attractive design and is portable, making it a suitable choice for vapers.  

Furthermore, this unique and smart device comes with four separate pods, each holding 2ml of e-liquid. Thus, the total e-liquid capacity of this vape is 18ml, enough to produce 2400 puffs and allow a longer vaping experience before the e-liquid runs out.  

There is a simple way to switch pods when one pod is empty, or you would like to change the flavour at any time. All you have to do is twist and align the arrow mark with a different pod and inhale. Moreover, the taste of e-liquid is clearly displayed in the viewing window of each pod.  

Another fantastic feature of this device is its mesh coil technology. The mesh coil gives e-liquid a larger surface area for evaporation and heats up quickly, resulting in a constant smooth and intense flavour.  

Flavours of SKE Crystal 2400 4 in 1 wholesale disposable vape pod device 

SKE Crystal 2400 4 in 1 wholesale has the same flavour in all four pods and also in mixed edition options, with each pod having a different flavour of e-liquid. 

Mixed edition option if this vape device is  

White Edition:

  • Watermelon Ice

  • Watermelon Strawberry

  • Pink Lemonade

  • Melon Berry

Blue Edition: 

  • Blueberry Sour Raspberry

  • Cola Ice

  • Blueberry Raspberries

  • Blueberry Peach

Green Edition: 

  • Lemon & Lime

  • Blueberry Lime

  • Tropical Mixed

  • Lychee Ice

Rose Edition: 

  • Cherry Ice

  • Fizzy Cherry

  • Strawberry Burst

  • White Peach Razz


What is the price of SKE Crystal 4 In 1 Box of 5 at Vapemarket Wholesale?

 At Vapes Market Wholesale, we offer attractive deals and discounts on SKE Crystal 4 in 1 bulk buy. However, the price of a single box of five disposable vapes is £35.99. 

What are the benefits of SKE Crystal 2400 4 in 1 wholesale options at Vapes Market Wholesale? 

Buying in larger quantities can save a lot of unnecessary costs on things like delivery charges, also you will get discounts and cost-effective deals from Vapes Market Wholesale. Furthermore, Vape Wholesale in uk products sold in large quantities are also cheaper than their retail price. However, vape enthusiasts can stock up on their favourite flavours and save money. 

Can I recharge this pod kit? 

Yes. The SKE Crystal 4 in 1 bulk buy pot kit comes with an in-built rechargeable battery with a type-c charging port for fast charging. 


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