Elfbar AF5000 Puffs Disposable Vape Device - (Box of 5)

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Top Quality Elf Bar 5000 box of 5 - Vapes Market Wholesale 

Vapes Market Wholesale proudly introduces Elf Bar AF5000 Box of 5, a high-quality disposable vape pod device. These devices are of exceptional quality and guarantee flavourful vaping sessions for vape enthusiasts. Therefore, we vape wholesale supplier provides ElfBar af5000 Wholesale options for easy access to high-quality products and great value for money, especially when you bulk buy Elf Bar 5000.  

At Vapes Market Wholesale, there is good news for vape shop owners, e-commerce retailers or even individuals who want to stock up on your favourite flavour. We offer discounts and incentives when you buy Elf Bar 5000 in bulk. Therefore, whether you want a steady supply of your favourite flavour or want to explore new options, our wholesale deals have got you covered. 

Features of ElfBar AF500 Wholesale Disposable Vape Device 

  • Puff Capacity: 5000+ puffs

  • Kit Type: Pre-Filled Kit

  • Device Dimensions: 93*40*20 mm

  • Safety Features: Leak-Proof Pod

  • Charging Type: USB Type-C

  • Battery Type: Internal Rechargeable Battery

  • Liquid Capacity: 2ml

  • Coil Type: Mesh coil

  • Refill Container Capacity: 10ml

Elf Bar 5000 box of 5: Advanced Vaping, Extended Flavour, Anytime Charging 

Elf Bar 5000 box of 5 is a disposable vape pod kit that delivers 5000+ puffs of strong flavours. This vape kit is equipped with the advanced QUAQ mesh coil technology to produce smooth, uninterrupted and flavourful puffs. It also comes with an in-built 650 mAh rechargeable battery. ElfBar af5000 wholesale is also slim and compact, and it can fit comfortably into a pocket or purse, which makes it an easily portable device. Therefore, ElfBar AF5000 wholesale offers advanced features as well as a stylish look. This incredible vape is unique because it can refill automatically several times and considerably extend the vaping sessions. Its fast charging Type-C port also extends the lifespan of the device as it enables the users to recharge quickly whenever and wherever they want. 

ElfBar AF5000 Wholesale Flavours  

Elfbar af5000 wholesale disposable vape pod device offers a great taste experience with its wide variety of flavours. Some of its flavours are: 

  • Blue Razz Lemonade

  • Blueberry Ice

  • Lemon Lime

  • Watermelon Ice

  • Triple Mango

  • Blueberry Sour Raspberry

  • Sour Pineapple Ice

  • Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava

  • Strawberry Ice

  • Pineapple Mojito 

  • Cherry Ice

  • Tobacco

  • Pink Lemonade

  • Strawberry Raspberry Cherry Ice


What is the price of an Elf Bar 5000 box of 5 at Vapes Market Wholesale?

The price of an Elf Bar AF5000 box of 5 at Vapes Market Wholesale is £29.99.

How is Elf Bar 5000 Bulk Buy option Vapes Market Wholesale suitable for businesses? 

Vapes Market Wholesale offers great Elf Bar 5000 bulk buy deals, ideal for businesses. Competitive pricing and bulk purchase options are also available here. Retailers can stock up on this popular, high-quality vape kit and attract customers with its advanced features, extended flavour, and convenient rechargeability. As a result, they can drive sales and boost profits effortlessly. 

What is the best way to use the Elf Bar af5000 box of 5? 

After removing it from the package, put the e-liquid bottle into the slot on the side of the device. When you place it correctly, you will hear a click. Furthermore, flip the device upside down to let the mesh coil thoroughly soak up the e-liquid. Finally, breathe in through the mouthpiece, and you are good to go.  

What makes Elf Bar different from other devices?

Many advanced features in this device make it unique, such as a QUAQ mesh coil system that produces better and more flavourful puffs. Secondly, it delivers 5000 impressive puffs due to its additional e-liquid bottle that automatically refills the tank. Lastly, it has a user-friendly start-up system and a wide range of flavours. Overall, Elf Bar disposable vape pod device is a convenient option for vapers who want a dependable and enjoyable vaping experience. 


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