Al Fakher Crown Bar 12000 Puffs Disposable Vape pod (Box of 10)

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Al Fakher Crown Bar 12000 box of 10 - Vapes Market Wholesale

Al Fakher Crown Bar 12000 disposable vape pod is a device that combines cutting-edge technology of modern vapes and the feeling of hookah. This incredible device comes with an impressive puff capacity of 12000. Additionally, it has a powerful rechargeable battery for consistent delightful puffs from the start till the end of the vaping session. This disposable vape pod also has an enhanced 0.6Ohm mesh coil that delivers rich, intense and thick flavours.  Vapes Market Wholesale now offers a Al Fakher Crown Bar 12000 box of 10 at an affordable price to benefit both retailers and vape enthusiasts . 

Al Fakher 12000 Wholesale Hookah Vape Features

  • Puff Capacity: Up To 12000 Puffs

  • Vaping Style: DTL (Direct-To-Lung)

  • Coil Resistance: 0.6 Ohm Resistance

  • Coil Build: Mesh Coil

  • Pod Colour: Multicolour corresponding to its flavours

  • Charging: C Port

  • Battery Type: Rechargeable 

  • Integrated Hookah Sound Waves

  • 20+ Amazing Flavours

  • Compact, Portable, Light weighted

  • Leak-Resistant

  • Smoother Throat Hit

  • Digital display to indicate battery and oil level

  • Maintenance-free


Why choose Vapes Market Wholesale for the Al Fakher Crown Bar 12000 box of 10?

Vapes Market Wholesale is well-known for its competitive pricing, therefore, guaranteeing that you get the most value for your money. In addition to this, we offer the incredible Al Fakher Crown Bar 12000 box of 10 vaping product at an unbeatable wholesale price and provide an economical option for those buying in bulk. 

Furthermore, Vapes Market Wholesale assures the genuineness of its vape products. It is also important to buy from a reputable vendor to avoid fake products, as Al Fakher is a well-known brand in the vaping sector. Our dependability and outstanding customer service guarantee a seamless buying process. 

Additionally, our effective shipping and handling procedures ensure that your order will be delivered promptly and in pristine condition. Lastlly, Vapes Market Wholesale is the preferred option for the Al Fakher Crown Bar 12000 because of its competitive prices, genuine products, and excellent customer service.


Al Fakher Crown Bar 12000 bulk buy Hookah Vape Flavours

Al Fakher Crown Bar 12000 bulk buy has several exquisite flavours including:

  • Berry Ice

  • Blackcurrant IceBlackcurrant Mint

  • Blue Ocean

  • Blue Razz Lemonade

  • Blueberry Gum

  • Cherry Fiesta

  • Grape Mint

  • Gum Mint

  • Hubba

  • Lemon Lime

  • Lemon Mint

  • Lucid Dream

  • Lush Ice

  • Magic Love

  • Mango Ice

  • Mango Pineapple

  • Peach Ice

  • Strawberry Punch

  • Two Apple



What makes Al Fakher 12000 different from other vape devices?

The Al Fakher 12000 is notable for its feature of integrated hookah soundwaves, replicating the bubbling sound of a classic hookah to enhance the overall sensory experience. Moreover, it features a large battery and ample e-liquid storage for longer usage without the need for constant recharging or refilling. The innovative coil technology also guarantees a steady and seamless vaping experience. The Al Fakher 12000 offers vape enthusiasts an exceptional vaping experience with its stylish as well as user-friendly design, quality and innovation.

How Hookah and a Disposable Vape are different?

A hookah is a traditional water pipe in which we use charcoal to heat flavored tobacco (shisha) As a result, we get smoke that is filtered through water. Additionally, it is often used in social events and involves burning tobacco. The burning of tobaccoo results in higher levels of harmful compounds like carbon monoxide. However, vapes are devices that are battery-powered and work by heating e-liquid in order to produce inhalable vapor. Vapes offer increased portability and convenience while producing fewer harmful byproducts than traditional smoking methods because they do not involve combustion. In general, hookahs provide a customary, shared experience, whereas vapes present a contemporary, personal, and potentially safer option.

What are the benefits of choosing Al Fakher Crown Bar 12000 bulk buy options?

Al Fakher 12000 Wholesale options offer various advantages. When you bulk purchase from Vapes Market Wholesale, you benefit from substantial cost savings. We also guarantee optimal value for your money with our premium qualityproducts. Buying in large quantities also eliminates the hassle of re-ordring, which helps to save time and energy. Furthermore, you will consistently have access to high-quality products that meet customer needs without any breaks. 


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